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Slimming With Venus Factor Program –John Barban

Slimming With Venus Factor Program –John Barban

Most girls and women do not realize it, but with weight training, you can lose weight just fine. In fact, you will feel better and look tighter than ever before!

The trick is to both diet and workout suit your purpose. The training program (Venus Factor) should you do with heavy weights and low reps (about 8 to 10). 'Men Training' so, but the difference is that you are there as a woman of very muscular. Indeed, you become tighter and you burn fatter. You train each muscle group 1x per week to give sufficient time for recovery and overcompensation (stronger). After the strength, you can do a half hour of cardio (but never before!).

Your diet consists of five or six is relatively small, healthy meals a day. By eating so often, you have less need for snacks and your body still has the necessary nutrients.

It is important not to eat very little, because the training and recovery requires a lot of energy. Eat lots of protein (meat, fish, dairy products, nuts, legumes), unsaturated fats (vegetable oils, fatty fish, nuts) and slow carbohydrates (whole grains) and provide sufficient fruit and vegetables. More Sources Available Venus Factor Review

Let sugar (except fruit sugars) and starch white stand and eat as little as possible saturated fat (whole milk, fatty meats). Boil for 2 days rather than fresh produce that you buy ready-made meals. Is also cheaper and as good. Look here for more nutrition tips.

You are of heavy weight training is not too wide or muscular. After all, you eat less than you consume and therefore your body has no energy left to create a lot of muscle mass. According to John Barban, woman do not think that because you 10 to 30x less male sex hormone (testosterone) than do men. Indeed, tell your body with strength training, your muscles needed and therefore must preserved.

In just lines you lose muscle very as well (the stricter the diet, the more) and that causes your metabolism drops. That is again the cause of the yo-yo effect. Moreover, a lack of muscle mass is not beautiful; you can lose weight and still look fat.

Due to the higher metabolism you get from strength training, you burn fatter. This accelerates even after strength by half an hour of cardio to insert. Never do this before the training, because then you have no energy for that training. More than half an hour of cardio a time is not necessary, because you carbohydrate (glycogen) have burned all the strength, and proceeds directly to fat burning.

Finally be not afraid of using heavy weights and exercises with free weights. Many women do devices with very little weight and many repetitions. This does not much improve the situation. You go only by the movement, but your muscles do not change in appearance and strength. Moreover, it is boring. If you are an exercise,e.g. Do 20 reps and 10 kg, try it once with eight repetitions and 20 kg.Moreover, use some good program like John Barban Venus Factor.

Is that Difficult?
The next week it has definitely been easier. Moreover, if you can do more than 10 reps with good technique, grab 25 kg etc.

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This is fun;you are doing it were a game with yourself! In the beginning, take your strength rapidly, later and more slowly. However, with proper training you remain are slowly stronger and you will see that your body will look much nicer and firmer!

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